Cinemilled Universal Battery Plate

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Product Overview


The new Cinemilled Universal battery plate is drilled with 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes and a number of smaller threads that can be used to fit Gold mount and V-mount battery mounts.

In addition you will see there are mounting “ears” on the sides and bottom of the plate. This allows you to position the plate either vertically or horizontally giving you many options.

The Universal Battery Plate comes with hardware and a mounting bracket to fit Cinemilled's MOVI Pro Pan counterweight mount and it can also mount on Cinemilled's Ronin 2 Pan counterweight mount in 3 different positions.

It can be a vital accessory allowing you properly balance very heavy camera builds using it to mount transmitters, camera batteries and other things to create counterbalance and add function. Use it to mount the Receiver for the Alphalink and other things like a Preston MDR or HD video transmitters.

Having the pan axis perfectly balanced is VITAL on large/heavy builds as the pan motor is the motor that does the most work! Especially on vehicle mounts that are fighting wind blast.

You might even want to use it on lighter builds in order to reduce the length of the pan arm. Reducing the length increases stiffness and reduces potential vibrations. it also puts the gimbal closer to your body if you doing handheld work which can be a big advantage.

Using the Gold mount studs:

By screwing on the optional Gold mount studs, you can use it to mount the plate and whatever you might have attached to it to anything that might have a gold mount battery plate.

The best part is that if you are a Ronin2 owner the Universal battery plate is designed to mount onto the R2 powerblock. This allows you to use your R2 batteries to power your camera when you are not using the gimbal! power your camera or accessories using the R2 power block and batteries!!
The R2 batteries perform extremely well and are very inexpensive, now you can use them to power your camera and accessories when you are doing regular tripod work!

The other use of the Gold mount studs and the R2 power block attached is for R2/steadicam mode! This setup allows you to securely mount the R2 powerblock onto your sled.The best configuration for the R2/steadicam mode is to move the R2 powerblock/batteries to the bottom of your steadicam sled. Keeping the weight on the bottom of your sled allows you to properly counterbalance the camera weight up top. Connect to the R2 via the extension cable taped to the outside of your post.

We will continue to evolve the Universal battery plate to allow you to do even more with it!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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