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NEW! Episode 272 : DP Ayana Baraka

on Illuminating In the Arena with Serena Williams.

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We Do Studio Builds

Los Angeles based studio consultants - designing, building and maintaining full service sound stages, theaters, podcast studios and more!

Need help building a studio space?

Need help building a studio space?

Hot Rod Cameras has been consulting, designing and building some of the largest studio spaces around Los Angeles for some of your favorite brands. Whether its podcast studios, home theater, performance and studio space, and everything in between, our expert staff and experience can offer a full service solution to fit your budget and space requirements.

We can help guide you from start to finish and provide the technical support you need to get your space running and make the most out of your budget and save you money.

For a free no-obligation estimate, email us today

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Just ask some of our previous clients like Live Nation, Shonda Rhimes, Good Mythical Morning, Fun Ton Studio, All Things Comedy, Spin Masters, Occidental College and many more.

The Cinematography Podcat

The Cinematography Podcat

Learn, share and support great work as well as artistic and technological innovations happening all over the world.

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