Tilta Camera Cage for RED V-RAPTOR Advanced Kit (V-Mount)

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Arm your camera with the Tilta Camera Cage for RED V-RAPTOR Advanced Kit (V-Mount). The Full Camera Cage provides protective armor for the RED V-Raptor and greatly expands your options for mounting accessories. The cage features both 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threads, integrated NATO Rails for Side Handles and two Arri compatible rosettes.

The included 15mm LWS Baseplate and two 15mm Rods allow you to utilize rod based accessories such as matte boxes and follow focus systems. Under the Baseplate you'll find a Tilta Standard Dovetail Receiver which can be adapted to support Arri Standard Dovetails via our optional Tilta Standard to Arri Standard Multi-Functional Baseplate.

The Top Plate and Rear Top Plate offer expanded options for mounting accessories without interfering with the camera"s ventilation. The Top Plates include 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting points, both with and without locating pins and a single Cold Shoe Receiver. The Rear Top Plate also includes exhaust vents engineered to mimic the V-Raptor"s integrated ventilation system in order to provide maximum cooling capability.

The Top Handle attaches to both the Top Plate and Front Top Plate which creates a secure point of contact for handling and operating your camera while also providing additional mounting points for accessories. This Top Handle features both 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting points with locating pins as well as one cold shoe receiver. This Top Handle can also be broken down into a more compact configuration that only requires the Front Top Plate to mount in order to better accommodate lightweight camera builds. The Top Handle"s newly designed 15mm rod mount allows you to mount a single 15mm rod either parallel or perpendicular to the Top Handle, allowing for more flexibility when mounting electronic viewfinders or external monitors.

The included Bottom Mounting Plate attaches near the bottom of the Camera Cage, offers additional 1/4"-20 mounting points with locating pins, and serves as an alternative location to mount the Advanced I/O Module.

The Right and Left Side Single Rod Holders mount along the side of the Full Camera Cage which provide a lightweight alternative to the baseplate.

The included Battery Plate adapts the RED V-RAPTOR's Micro V-Mount Battery Plate to either a Gold Mount or Full Sized V-Mount Battery Plate, as well as provides a convenient slot to power and mount the included Advanced I/O Module. The V-Mount option features an adjustable plate that allows you to fine tune the height of your battery to better accommodate different sized batteries which helps keep your build balanced and clean. This Advanced I/O Module utilizes an integrated V-RAPTOR EXT Cable that expands communication with the camera body and offers increased functionality for Run Stop and Timecode via additional ports. This Module can be mounted in a few different locations on the V-Raptor"s Camera Cage including the Top Handle, Top Plate, Bottom Mounting Plate or the integrated slot on the Battery Plate which can provide power and support the module.

When mounting the module in different locations other than the Battery Plate, the module can be powered via a 2 Pin Lemo input.

The Battery Plate and I/O Module include the following ports:

  • 1x - 14.8V 2-Pin LEMO Input/Output
  • 1x - 3 Pin Fischer R/S Port
  • 1x - Timecode Port
  • 1x - Red CTRL Port
  • 1x - Genlock Port
  • 2x - 14.8V 2-Pin LEMO Port
  • 1x - 14.8V P-Tap Port
  • 1x - USB-C Port


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