Symply SymplyDIT LTO XTF Desktop Thunderbolt 3 FH LTO-9 Tape Drive

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The Symply SymplyDIT LTO XTF Desktop Thunderbolt 3 FH LTO-9 Tape Drive is a unique full-featured archive and transfer system designed specifically for on-set and DIT use with features that can enhance every production and post-production pipeline. SymplyDIT LTO-XTF is based on Symply's advanced desktop SymplyPRO LTO product line that features a rugged metal alloy enclosure and premium whisper-quiet fan and power supply technology, but benefits from unique multi-access technology that combines docking support for Atomos media along with any 2.5” SSD media for fast all-in-one DIT operations. 

Unlike others, this is not a re-purposed LTO IT system or highly-design-compromised tape product. The SymplyDIT LTO-XTF was designed by working with media professionals and hearing their needs and wants. Symply took what they asked for, added high-quality components and SymplyDIT LTO-XTF was born. The flag-ship of the SymplyDIT LTO range, SymplyDIT LTO-XTF features a latest generation full-height LTO-9 tape drive providing staggering read/write speeds up to 400 MB/sec and includes two Thunderbolt 3 ports for device daisy chaining, with one port providing 60 watts for fast device charging. SAS Expansion and SAS host connectivity is also built-in, just in case you need to connected other SAS device(s) to your Thunderbolt computer, or use the device with a non-Thunderbolt workstation.

SymplyDIT LTO configurations feature Linear Tape File System (LTFS) support. Allowing simple drag and drop file operation similar to a conventional hard drive. LTFS can reduce the need for backup or archive software, and allows users to easily interchange data using LTO cartridges or copying data to and from hard disk drives or SSDs.

SymplyATOM (Advanced Tape Operations and Management) is a feature rich software application includes with SymplyDIT LTO that makes operation and maintenance easy. SymplyDIT LTO systems are also certified for use with popular backup and archive utilities for macOS and Windows including YoYotta, Hedge Canister, XenData, and Archiware P5.

If you are looking for a competitive edge to help you meet tight production deadlines or just want to make on-set production and post-production more efficient, you should consider SymplyDIT LTO.


  • Desktop design with a full-height LTO-9 tape drive and two removable 2.5" SSD bays for fast all-in-one DIT storage
  • LTO-9 full-height drive technology offers high endurance and read/write tape speeds up to 400 MB/sec
  • Advanced metal alloy enclosure with premium whisper quiet fan and power supply
  • SymplyATOM software for simplified common management tasks and easy support and maintenance
  • Supports LTFS and AES 256-bit encryption
  • Media cartridge(s) and cleaning tape included
  • Optional ruggedized carry case
  • Features Kensington T-Bar and support for optional SymplyLOCK Thunderbolt 3 cable lock


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