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Tilta Camera Cage Advanced Kit for Sony BURANO (Gold Mount)


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The Tilta Camera Cage Advanced Kit for Sony BURANO (Gold Mount) provides protective armor for the camera body and accommodates mounting various accessories to improve the camera's functionality. This Camera Cage features a variety of mounting points including Arri Rosettes, 15mm rod holders, 1/4"-20 threads and 3/8"-16 threads, both with locating points.

The ARRI Standard Rosettes are positioned to be identical to the ones on the original camera body and are compatible with the original control handle. The 15mm rod holder can be mounted onto the top plate or the side arms which provides flexible options for lens control motors, as well as lens supports, and vertical camera setups.

The included 15mm LWS Baseplate and Dual 15mm Rods adds allows users to mount rod based accessories such as matte boxes and follow focus systems while the bottom of this baseplate connects to our Tilta Dovetails and features 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threads. This cage also includes a side mounting plate that supports height and angle adjustments which can be secured to multiple mounting points on the top plate to help extend this plate’s functionality.

The Top Plate also features a dedicated slot for the included Top Handle which is also compatible with the camera's original Top Handle. The included Top Handle offers various mounting points and improves options for handling the system. The 15mm Rod Mount offers a convenient way to mount the included Rotatable EVF Bracket which allows greater flexibility for tilting and rotating the camera’s Electronic Viewfinder.

The included Battery Plate adapts the Burano's V-Mount Battery Plate to either a Gold Mount or V-Mount Battery Plate with additional power outputs.

This Battery Plate includes the following power outputs:

  • (1) 6-Pin LEMO DC Input (12V-28V)
  • (1) P-Tap Port (14.8V 3.8A)
  • (1) USB-C Port ( PD3.1 65W )
  • (1) 3-Pin Fischer Lemo (24V 3 A)
  • (1) 3-Pin Fischer Lemo (14.8V 3.8 A)
  • (1) 2-Pin Lemo (14.8V 3 A)

Also included is the Multi-Functional Mini Tool Kit, a compact, durable, and versatile tool set designed for camera cages and support systems, featuring six universal tools.

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