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Ep 194: Florian Hoffmeister,

BSC on TÁR, working with director Todd Field and Cate Blanchett

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NiSi ATHENA PL-Z Adapter for PL Mount Lenses to Z Mount Cameras


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The NiSi ATHENA PL-Z Adapter for PL Mount Lenses to Z Mount Cameras a masterful combination of aesthetics and performance designed for photographers who strive for perfection. This innovative adapter seamlessly connects PL mount lenses with Z Mount cameras, ensuring flawless equipment integration.

Streamlined Elegance, Effortless Portability

Experience the convenience of a device that is as light as it is robust, weighing in at just 186g (6.56oz). The NiSi ATHENA PL-Z Adapter marries exceptional quality with ease of portability, making it your go-to accessory for on-the-go photography. Durable Stainless Steel Construction: Built to withstand the demands of continuous professional usage, the adapter's front end and lens mount are constructed from stainless steel. This sturdy design guarantees the durability of your gear, allowing you to shoot with confidence in any situation.

Excellence in Design Meets Peak Functionality

Transform your photography with an adapter that stands in a league of its own. The NiSi ATHENA PL-Z Adapter not only promises longevity but also excels in delivering a visually stunning performance.

Anti-Reflection Technology

Say goodbye to unwanted lens flare and ghosting. With its advanced inside flocking technique, the NiSi ATHENA PL-Z Adapter ensures your images remain clear and free from disruptive reflections. Weather-Sealed for Protection: Equipped with a waterproof seal at the camera interface, this adapter protects your setup from unexpected weather changes. Continue your creative exploration without worry, knowing your equipment is safeguarded against moisture. Harmonious Compatibility Meets Creative Freedom

Embrace the fusion of design and utility with the NiSi ATHENA PL-Z Adapter. This tool facilitates the connection between distinct photography systems and expands your creative horizons.

Textured, Non-Slip Exterior

The adapter features a textured spray-coated exterior that elevates its aesthetic appeal and ensures a firm grip for easy handling. This thoughtful design detail enhances your photography gear's look and usability. Precision Fit: Eliminate concerns of loose connections with a meticulously designed adapter that fits perfectly, securing your lens firmly and reliably. Focus on capturing the moment, knowing your equipment is perfectly aligned. Limitless Focusing Capabilities: With the NiSi ATHENA PL-Z Adapter, enjoy the freedom to adjust your focus to any distance. This feature empowers photographers to achieve sharp, detailed compositions with ease.

Step into a world where technical excellence meets creative expression with the NiSi ATHENA PL-Z Adapter, your key to unlocking new photographic possibilities.

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