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Ep 194: Florian Hoffmeister,

BSC on TÁR, working with director Todd Field and Cate Blanchett

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Core SWX NANOX G150 Micro 147Wh Li-Ion Battery (Gold Mount)


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Power your monitor, recorder, wireless equipment, or drone with the Core SWX NANOX G150 Micro 147Wh Li-Ion Battery (Gold Mount). The lightweight, ultracompact battery features a 14.8V output and 147Wh capacity, and it supports a continuous 10A draw. The new NANOX design features a seamless EmLED digital fuel gauge display and virtually unbreakable NexCore casing to protect your battery cells and electronics from falls and extreme weather conditions. The NANOX also features Voltbridge iD, a wireless RFID technology that allows you to monitor your batteries using a smartphone app.

The battery features a USB-C PD input/output connector that provides 100W PD charging input or output for powering accessories or charging the battery. It provides one 12V D-Tap output to power your camera, light, or accessories, and it features one 5V USB-A port to charge smaller devices such as a smartphone. In addition to the large EmLED display, it features a wraparound 4-stage LED gauge that shows the battery level status.

Note: Always check with your airline as battery regulations may change.

Nexcore Casing

The NANOX packs are the first to include the NexCore casing compound. This material is the ultimate safeguard for your cinematic power needs. Crafted from robust polycarbonate, NexCore is specifically designed to provide a formidable outer housing for your compact on-board battery pack.

Its reinforced structure ensures protection against impacts and vibrations, securing the electronics and battery cells. With a sleek design that seamlessly integrates into limited spaces and weather-resistant features for versatile shooting conditions, NexCore raises the bar for compact casing reliability.

EmLED Battery Display

The new NexCore housing now integrates the innovative EmLED display, providing the ability to offer unparalleled power management in its battery packs. The patent-pending EmLED display array is placed below the surface of the NexCore battery shell, ensuring not only precision with percentage readouts and accurate, to-the-minute runtime details but also worry-free durability in the most demanding production environments.

Unlike conventional displays, EmLED is shielded from inadvertent damage, allowing you to focus on your creative process without compromising on real-time power insights. While you can press the status button to turn on the display as well as toggle between percentage and runtime, the EmLED display also automatically turns on when either charged or discharged.

Wraparound LEDs

The pack comes equipped with a wraparound battery status LED gauge within its rugged polycarbonate housing. This advanced feature allows cinematographers and other industry professionals to view battery status from anywhere on set. The LED gauge provides a clear visual indication of the remaining battery life, remaining lit during charge and discharge.

A status button on the top of the pack can illuminate the LEDs to display charge status when not in use. This allows for quick and easy monitoring of battery status and ensures that it can be easily viewed from any angle.

Camera Communication

One of the key benefits of NANOX battery packs is their ability to communicate essential information to the camera. By transmitting the same information displayed on the runtime LCD to the camera, operators can view important data such as voltage, battery runtime, and percentage directly on their camera display. This feature not only saves time by eliminating the need to check the battery's status manually, but it also ensures that camera operators always have the most up-to-date information about the battery's performance.

USBC PD Connection

The NANOX battery packs integrate a 100W USB-C Power Delivery (PD) connection for lightning-fast charging and seamless integration with production gear, simplifying cable management with a single, reversible cable for charging and discharging. Enjoy on-the-go power, transforming your battery pack into a portable hub for essential devices.

Additional Outputs

In addition to USB-C, the NANOX battery also has a USB-A connection for personal devices, offering versatile charging for smartphones and tablets. Simultaneously, the 12V D-Tap connection on the top of the battery provides a direct and efficient power supply to professional video equipment such as cameras and monitors while not needing to worry about conflict with I/O on the camera.

Ready for Extreme Temperatures

The choice of premium cells ensures seamless operation in extreme temperatures. Whether braving the chill of icy environments or enduring scorching heat, the battery delivers consistent performance without compromise. Designed to withstand the rigors of diverse shooting conditions, you can trust the NANOX to provide reliable power, whether atop the peaks of Everest or amidst the deserts of the Sahara.

Voltbridge iD

Each NANOX pack comes equipped with an RFID chip to store accumulated battery data. Simply wave your phone near the pack to access vital stats. Arriving this Summer, Core's Voltbridge ID app streamlines battery fleet management effortlessly.

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