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Bright Tangerine Revolvr Handwheel

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  • For Revolvr and Revolvr Atom Core Bridge
  • Ribbed Gripping Surface with Keyway
  • Removable Indexed Marking Disc
  • Supports Industry-Standard Whips/Cranks
  • Optional Removable Soft/Hard Stops

Designed to work seamlessly with your Bright Tangerine Revolvr or Revolvr Atom focus unit, the Revolvr Focus Handwheel provides a raised gripping surface for a secure grip. Featuring a ribbed surface with a built-in keyway depression that allows you to find your place on the handwheel without having to take your eyes off the action. You can mount the handwheel on either side of you focus unit, so you can pull focus from either side of the lens just by switching it to the other side.

The handwheel also includes a removable Delrin marking disc, and it features an industry-standard accessory socket for optional whips and cranks. With an optional pack of two removable soft/hard stops, you can mount and adjust the position of either stop on the handwheel. Each stop features an index line, so you can set multiple focus points on your handwheel. Pressing the plunger activates the hard stops, which can be set to provide limits to lens rotation when working with endlessly rotating lenses. With the plunger released, the hard stops become soft stops, allowing you to use your fingers to stop the rotation of your focus wheel.

Handwheel Surface

With a ribbed surface the handwheel is comfortable to grip and use. The built-in keyway provides a physical index point that you can use to line up your marks and pull focus by touch.

Removable Marking Disc

  • The disc is interchangeable and can be used on any industry-standard handwheel.
  • The detent will prevent the disc from rotating on a handwheel with a matching locating pin. This guarantees your marks remain accurate.
  • You can pre-mark discs to match specific lenses for rapid lens changes and focus resets; additional discs must be purchased separately.

Optional Soft/Hard Stops

You can purchase a pack of two removable soft/hard stop add-ons.

  • The stops feature an inscribed white index mark for lining up the marks on your disc.
  • Using soft stops allows you to set your focus positions, and then you can grasp your focus handwheel with your fingers on the edge of the disc, allowing you to pull focus while looking at the subject and not the lens, as your fingers will feel the stops. This is a popular technique, as it allows the focus puller to have a sense of where the ends of their pull is, without having to look away from the action to check the lens or handwheel. Because it is a soft stop, the focus puller can also go beyond the stop simply by moving their fingers away.
  • Engaging the hard stop functionality allows you to set limits for rotation of your lens. This can be useful when pulling focus on lenses that rotate endlessly.

Optional Torch Holster

You can mount the Bright Tangerine Torch holster on the handwheel (holster not included). This allows you to mount a select flashlight to your handwheel for working in dim and dark conditions.


Material of Construction Titanium, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, rubber, and Delrin
Compatibility Revolvr and Revolvr Atom core bridges
Industry-standard cranks and whips
Bright Tangerine 4D speed crank
Packaging Info
Package Weight 0.9 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 4 x 3.5 x 3.2"

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