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Block Battery SLi-D1000 Lithium-Ion Dual-Voltage 970Wh Block Battery with Charger

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Power your camera, lights, or other production equipment with the Block Battery SLi-D1000 Lithium-Ion Dual-Voltage 970Wh Block Battery System with Charger.
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  • 970Wh Dual-Voltage Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Suitable for Lighting or Camera Power
  • Simultaneous 28 and 14V Dual Output
  • 2 x 4-Pin XLR and 2 x 3-Pin XLR Outputs

Power your camera, lights, or other production equipment with the Block Battery SLi-D1000 Lithium-Ion Dual-Voltage 970Wh Block Battery System with Charger. The SLi-D1000 features a 970Wh capacity using ten 97Wh lithium-ion cartridges installed into a durable outer case.

The SLi-D1000 features two 3-pin XLR outputs that provide regulated 28V power each, and two 4-pin XLR outputs that provide 12.5 to 17.25 VDC output each. It also features an LCD screen to view your output current and battery capacity status.

The SLi-D1000 is made to charge exclusively with the included BlockBattery PSU-185-18 charger and XLR cable; it can charge from empty to full in approximately four hours. The outer case contains the inner cage that houses the battery block structure, as well as replaceable fuses for the inputs. This battery can be carried by its top handle when you need to go mobile.


  • Powerful 970Wh battery for use with pro camera and lighting gear
  • Complies with current ATA regulations for air transportation when disassembled
  • Ten battery cartridges built into a durable case with a carry handle
  • Two regulated 28V 3-pin XLR outputs and two 12.5 to 17.25 VDC 4-pin XLR outputs
  • Monitor power stats with LCD screen
  • Charge with included PSU-185-18 charger and XLR charging cable
  • 15A replaceable safety fuses


Battery Capacity 970 Wh
Battery Chemistry Lithium-Ion
Output Voltage 28 VDC, Regulated
12.5 to 17.25 VDC, 16 VDC Nominal
Amp Hours 60 Ah at 12.5 to 17.25 VDC
Output Ports 2 x 4-Pin XLR (12.5 to 17.25 VDC)
2 x 3-Pin XLR (28 VDC)
AC Fuses 1 x 15 A Fuse, 4-Pin XLR
1 x 10 A Fuse, 3-Pin XLR
LCD Screen Yes
Compatible Chargers BlockBattery PSU-185-18
Typical Charging Time 6-7 Hours
Storage Temperature 41° to 77°F / 5° to 25°C
Dimensions 15 x 7.6 x 6.10" / 38.1 x 19.3 x 15.5 cm
Weight 24 lb / 10.1 kg

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