Cinema Devices Ergorig Lightweight Body Mounted Harness (Standard)

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  • 2 sizes - Short and Regular
  • Comes with carrying bag

The Ergorig Handheld Camera Support (Regular) is a innovative weight displacement system to save the backs of camera operators without impeding camera movement.

The Ergorig provides users the freedom of an untethered handheld camera without compromising your back health. The concept is simple: prevent spinal compression while allowing an operator to operate handheld like they would traditionally, without affecting the camera's movement or balance.  100% of the weight is transferred from your shoulder and back to your hips, bypassing your spine entirely.  There is a way to handhold a camera ergonomically, and this is it.

The Erogorig comes in to sizes, short and regular. To choose the right size and fit, you must measure from your front hip point to the top middle of your shoulder. If you're less than 21" order a small, otherwise order regular. Your front hip point is the part that feels like the tip of the triangle in your hip on the front side that is right around your belt line.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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