Bright Tangerine LeftField 3 Quick Release Baseplate for RED V-RAPTOR (DJI RS 2 & RS 3)

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Product Overview

Support your RED V-RAPTOR cinema camera on your DJI RS 2 or RS 3 gimbal stabilizer with this LeftField 3 Quick Release Baseplate from Bright Tangerine. The baseplate assembly is made up of the LeftField 3 baseplate core, an ARRI-style dovetail plate, a dovetail for the RED V-RAPTOR, and a Manfrotto/DJI RS 2/RS 3 riser for LeftField baseplates. All the components are made from durable aluminum.

The LeftField 3 baseplate features the Bright Tangerine Open•Up quick release system, and it offers 15mm LWS rod ports for an optional rod system. The low-profile dovetail plate features a standard ARRI-style dovetail form, and the V-RAPTOR dovetail allows you to mount it onto the RS 2 or RS 3 gimbal. The included DJI/Manfrotto riser allows you to mount the camera onto the gimbal to ensure your camera is at the proper 15mm LWS height.

Bright Tangerine LeftField 3 15mm LWS Quick Release Baseplate Core

The LeftField 3 15mm LWS Quick Release Baseplate Core from Bright Tangerine combines with different interchangeable Bright Tangerine riser blocks and dovetail plates for compatibility with multiple different cameras, tripods, and gimbals. The optional riser blocks provide the correct optical height for each camera and can be swapped in as needed.

The LeftField 3 Baseplate Core attaches to any ARRI-standard dovetail or the Bright Tangerine Left Field ARRI-Style Dovetail Plate. Using Bright Tangerine's Open•Up quick release system, it allows you to quickly switch between shoulder rigs, tripods, gimbals, and other camera supports such as the KASBAH shoulder pad. It also features a sliding, locking base that helps achieve optimal balance wherever you mount it.

The Baseplate Core provides front and rear 15mm LWS rod mounts for attaching accessories. Other LeftField components, such as side plates, supports, and grips can be attached to dedicated mounting threads to build up a full cage.

Key Features

  • Combines with interchangeable riser blocks for compatibility with different cameras
  • ARRI-standard dovetail compatible
  • Sliding base
  • Front and rear 15mm LWS rod mounts
  • LeftField side plates and other components supported, including KASBAH shoulder pad
  • Multiple accessory mounts

Bright Tangerine Left Field ARRI-Style Dovetail Plate

The 4" Left Field ARRI-Style Dovetail Plate from Bright Tangerine is an ARRI-standard dovetail with multiple accessory mounts. When used with a separately available Left Field 15mm LWS Baseplate, the Dovetail Plate functions as a quick release plate.

This cheese plate can mount onto the top or bottom of your camera and incorporates multiple 1/4"-20, 3/8"-16, and ARRI anti-twist accessory mounts. The two removable safety screws can also be used to fix the plate onto your camera.


  • Functions as a quick release plate when used with an optional Left Field 15mm LWS Baseplate
  • Multiple 1/4"-20, 3/8"-16, and ARRI anti-twist accessory mounts
  • ARRI-standard dovetail
  • Removable safety screws

Bright Tangerine Manfrotto Riser for 15mm Baseplate (RED V-RAPTOR)

Mount your RED V-RAPTOR camera and ensure it is set to 15mm LWS standard height when mounted on a rig with this Manfrotto Riser from Bright Tangerine. The durable aluminum riser is designed to be used with the LeftField Baseplate core and the optional Manfrotto dovetail plate.

The plate features a quick release design and includes six captive screws to mount it onto the separately available baseplate. It also has an integrated safety lock to prevent plate movement or disconnection.


  • RED V-RAPTOR cinema camera
  • Bright Tangerine Manfrotto Dovetail for RED V-RAPTOR
  • Bright Tangerine LeftField Baseplate core

Reliable and Safe

The dovetail is secured using a 4mm Allen key that enables the operator to securely tighten down the clamp with a higher force than a lever. There is also no risk of levers being knocked during operation. Additional safety points prevent the camera plates from sliding out accidentally.

Manfrotto 501PL Compatible

The receiver is compatible with the Manfrotto Dovetail for the RED V-RAPTOR (B4002.1059) and other Manfrotto 501PL style plates. When using other plates, the height may vary, resulting in non-standard heights.

Bright Tangerine Universal Extended DJI RS 2 & RS 3 Dovetail

Easily balance and switch your camera when using the DJI RS 2 or RS 3 gimbal stabilizer between handheld and tripod setups using the Universal Extended DJI RS 2 & RS 3 Dovetail from Bright Tangerine. Designed for use with the LeftField 3 15mm LWS baseplate and a cinema camera of your choice, this lightweight aluminum dovetail plate features a generous fore/aft balancing range and a front slot for mounting a lens adapter support. Pair it with a DJI/Manfrotto riser and a LeftField 3 baseplate to raise your camera to 15mm LWS height.

The center slot features a sliding screw shuttle, so the camera can be balanced and adjusted without moving the plate. It also features a wide platform design and etched markings for presetting the balance. There are three threads on the front to mount the DJI Focus Motor Rod mount.


The dovetail uses the same DJI standard, complete with a racking gear. It works directly with the DJI RS 2 and RS 3 gimbals without the need to change camera plates. The extra length provides ample room for balancing and adjustment.

Measurement and Balance Markings

Laser-etched markers along the length of the dovetail let ACs mark down balanced positions on the gimbal.

Accessory Support

Lens adapters can be secured using the front channel and supplied screws.

Durable Construction

Machined and hand-finished from high-grade materials, it is hard-anodized for extended durability.


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