Aputure NOVA P600c Rain Shield

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Product Overview


The Nova P600c Rain Shield is designed to protect the Nova P600c from inclement weather using a barrier made of highdensity waterproof nylon fabric.

Installation is simple and intuitive, with metal side supports that slide into the Nova P600c’s accessory slot, which the cover attaches to using durable hook-and-loop fabric. 

This modular design allows the Rain Shield to be stored compactly in the included carrying bag for easy transport.

The Rain Shield for the Nova P600c is ideal for cinematographers who shoot in inclement weather and need a compact and portable cover to guard the light in the rain.

Users who may be accustomed to using cello screens and other methods to protect their fixtures from the rain will appreciate the Nova P600c Rain Shield design and implantation, as the metal sides provide support for the rest of the shield, while still being able to pack down.

For any shooter that is always on the go, the Rain Shield also packs flat like a softbox, making it an easy and portable travel companion. In addition, its strong hook-and-look fabric will last through the toughest of jobs.


  • Rain protection designed for the Nova P600c
  • High-density waterproof nylon fabric shields the fixture from rain
  • Metal support frames add structure, rigidity, and increase ease of installation
  • Durable reusable hook-and-loop fabric that can withstand 2,000+ repeat applications
  • Modular, foldable design for easy installation
  • Carrying bag included


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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