Aputure Light Dome Mini III

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Product Overview

The Aputure Light Dome Mini III is a foldable quick-setup Bowens Mount softbox that transforms hard point-source fixtures into a circular, soft light, while providing a faster and more portable mechanism compared to other widely used quick-setup softboxes.

Featuring an all-new foldable quick-release mechanism, the Light Dome Mini III is among the fastest circular softboxes to set up on the market, saving valuable time on set. By simply pressing downwards on the Bowens Mount bracket, the 16 steel support rods will snap into place, allowing the Light Dome III to be set up and broken down within seconds

  • ø58cm (22.8in) Hexadecanol Bowens Mount Soft Box With 16 Steel Support Rods
  • Dual-Sided Quick-Release Latches on Speed Ring Allows Users to Bring All Rods to Tension in Seconds
  • Packs Flat and Compactly with Quick-Release Latches Folded In the Downward Position
  • Diffuse and Soften Hard Point Source Lighting Fixtures
  • Circular 16-Sided Diffusion Surface Area
  • Includes 2 Front Diffusion Cloths (1.5 and 2.5 Stop)
  • 40º Fabric Light Control Grid Included
  • Deep Parabolic Design for Uniform Light Output Distribution
  • Highly Reflective Silver Inner Lining for Optimized Light Output
  • Universal Bowens Accessory Mount
  • Included Carrying Bag


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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