Vocas Compact Top Handgrip Kit for RED KOMODO

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Product Overview


  • Compact Top Handle
  • 2 x "Dogbone"-Style Rod Brackets
  • 1 x 6.7" Long 15mm Rod
  • Requires Vocas Side Cage Kit 0600-0105

Add a top handle assembly to your RED KOMODO 6K cinema camera with this Compact Top Handgrip Kit from Vocas. The kit includes a mini compact top handle, two "dogbone"-style 15mm brackets, and a 15mm rod that measures 6.7" in length. This kit requires the separately available Vocas Side Cage Bracket Kit 0600-0105 for installation.

The aluminum top handle features a 15mm rod port for mounting and a 1/4"-20 accessory thread. The handle mounts onto the included rod, and the 15mm brackets mount onto the ends of the rods. The brackets feature 3/8"-16 ARRI-style accessory mounts that install onto the separately available side brackets to create a full top handle assembly with a variety of carrying and accessory mounting options.

Vocas Compact Mini Top Handle with 15mm Rod Mount

This lightweight Compact Mini Top Handle with 15mm Rod Mount from Vocas quickly mounts onto your camera, cage, or rig with a 15mm top or side rod using its single 15mm rod clamp. It provides a balanced gripping point for your small, lightweight digital camera or camcorder and features two contoured finger grips. The handle is made from durable aluminum and stainless steel, and it features one 1/4"-20 accessory thread for an additional accessory.


  • Camera rig with a standard 15mm rod
  • Vocas "Dogbone"-Style 3/8"-16 to 15mm Rod Bracket (0600-0120)

Vocas Dogbone-Style Bracket with 3/8"-16 ARRI-Style Mount & 15mm Rod Clamp

Grow your rig with a variety of accessories using the Dogbone-Style Bracket with 3/8"-16 ARRI-Style Mount & 15mm Rod Clamp from Vocas. Using the integrated screw, this "dogbone"-shaped accessory attaches to a 3/8"-16 ARRI-style, anti-twist accessory mount, ensuring a solid and twist-free connection.

It provides a 15mm single-rod clamp with a tightening knob for mounting an accessory such as a top- or side-mounting lens motor with a 15mm rod. The bracket is constructed with durable aluminum and stainless steel components.


  • Cages or accessories with a 3/8"-16 ARRI-style accessory mount
  • 15mm rod

Also compatible with but not limited to:

  • Vocas Mini Top Handle for 15mm Rod (0600-0130)
  • Vocas Side Bracket for RED KOMODO (0600-0100)
  • Vocas Full Cage Kit for RED KOMODO (0600-0115)
  • Vocas Top or Bottom Bracket RED KOMODO (0600-0110)
  • Vocas Side Cage Kit for RED KOMODO (0600-0105)

Vocas Single 15mm Rod (6.7")

The Vocas Single 15 Rod (6.7") is a hollow aluminum rod for extending your video rigs.


Vocas Compact Mini Top Handle With 15mm Rod Mount Specs

Grip Type Topside Handle
Built-In Controls None
Attachment Method Attaches via Rod Ports
Rod Standard 15 mm Single Rod
Rod Ports 1 x 15 mm Rod Port
Accessory Mounting Handle Shaft
1 x 1/4"-20 Thread
Shoe Mounting None
Rosettes None
Rail Mounting None
Construction Aluminum, Steel
Dimensions Not Specified by Manufacturer
Weight Not Specified by Manufacturer

Vocas Dogbone-Style Bracket With 3/8"-16 ARRI-Style Mount & 15mm Rod Clamp Specs

Material of Construction Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Mounting Interface 3/8"-16 ARRI-Style Accessory Mount
Accessory Mounting Single 15 mm Rod Clamp with Tightening Knob

Vocas Single 15mm Rod (6.7") Specs

Diameter 15 mm
Length 6.7" (17 cm)
Material Anodized aluminum
Color Silver


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