Shape Mini Quick Release Monitor Mount For Magic Arm

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Perfect to hold and manipulate accessories such as an On-board monitor;

The Mini Delta Monitor Plate (MILTA) is designed with a Mini Delta Plate and a sliding bracket with 2 anti-rotating support pins to hold your monitor;

The Mini Delta Plate (28mm x 24mm ) can be installed in both direction on the bracket, allowing you to position the anti-rotating support pins in the front or back of the monitor;

The 2 anti-rotating support pins are 11mm height, 8mm diameter and are designed to keep your monitor in place;
Strongly attach your monitor to the bracket with (1) ¼-20 captive screw and use the sliding feature to rest your monitor onto the anti rotating stoppers (Due to the different thickness of monitors, the sliding plate can be adjusted so the monitor rest on the anti rotating stoppers);
The sliding distance between the center of the captive screw and the 2 anti rotating stoppers goes from 12mm to 35mm, meaning that you have 23mm freedom to adjust your monitor to the stoppers.

(V-mount) Mini Quick Release Lock Station, compatible to mount our Mini Delta Monitor Plate (MILTA, MNQR). The red quick release button is easy to access and designed to prevent unwanted monitor or accessory release; Designed with (1) ¼-20 and (1) 3/8-16 Threaded Holes with 2 stoppers (ARRI compatible locking attachment mechanism) to strongly mount the device to your rig.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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