Tilta Hydra Predator Shock Absorbing Arm (Gold Mount)

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Product Overview


  • Speed Rail
  • Fast & Steady
  • RS2 Remote Kit
  • Flexible Power Options
  • Compact Case

The Tilta Hydra Predator Shock Absorbing Arm (Gold Mount) is a more flexible package for car mounting camera and gimbal systems via speed rail while also including additional accessories to offer more accurate control and improved ease of use for the DJI RS 2. The Hydra Predator Car Mounting System was designed from the ground up to work in conjunction with smaller gimbals to allow for a lightweight solution to car-mounted cinematography.

This Kit is based around the new Predator Rail Mounting Attachment which allows you to secure the arm of the Hydra Alien to any 2 inch speed rail. This offers greater flexibility for vehicle mounting as you are able to better rig a vehicle to your specific needs and will be able to mount the system to structures where 2 inch rails are already present.

The system uses a shock absorbing arm to better stabilize the camera for certain shots as well as a spring-loaded cradle head if the intended shot requires that the gimbal be flipped upside down. The included Hydraulic Dampening Pole further stabilizes the arm to provide smoother results when driving conditions are less than optimal.

This Kit features the RS 2 Remote Control Kit which offers full wired or wireless control of the DJI RS 2 and includes the Hydra Alien Monitor Bracket which makes it easier to monitor and control the RS 2. The Hydra Predator also supports full wireless control of the RS 2 via the Control Kit, which allows you to control your RS 2 gimbal’s settings as well as the record and photo functions of your camera via either a wired or wireless connection. Most importantly, the controller features a thumbstick that allows you to control the pan and tilt of your gimbal for maximum precision while operating.

The new Predator Hard Shell Safety Case is designed to store and protect the Hydra Predator system while remaining lightweight and compact. This allows you to safely transport the system between shooting locations and neatly store the system when it is not in use. The waterproof design protects the case and equipment from hazards like rain and snow. High, low. To the side of the car, mounted on top of it — almost any car mounted shot can be configured using the Hydra Predator Car Mounting System. Let your imagination run wild!

NOTE: This system supports any gimbal that can mount via 1/4″-20 screws and power via P-Tap and the Remote Control Handle only supports the RS2.


  • Connection Offers More Flexibility and Security when Rigging
  • Optimized Shock Absorption for Smooth Camera Movement
  • Supports Full Wireless Control of the DJI RS2 gimbal
  • Longer Shooting Duration via Gold/V-Mount Battery Plates
  • Compact Case for Added Security and Easy Transportation


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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