Tilta Float Handheld Support System

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The Tilta Float Handheld Support System is specifically designed for supporting cameras in handheld configurations without an RS2 Gimbal. This kit includes the Support Vest, Stabilizing Arm and Carrying Case from the original kit, and features the new Manfrotto Adapter specifically for handheld rigging.

This Adapter allows you to mount your camera system directly to the Tilta Float Stabilizing Arm which offers a more controlled and comfortable handheld shooting experience. The adapter uses a standard sized Manfrotto plate, which allows you to quickly switch between compatible Manfrotto tripod heads and the Tilta Float Arm.

This kit is the perfect option for supporting the DJI Ronin 4D, allowing you to better stabilize and comfortably operate the camera longer, all while taking full advantage of the 4D’s built in stabilization. It can also be used for other camera systems as it offers support for more comfortable handheld shooting over longer periods of time.

The spring-loaded stabilizing arm and support vest are designed to redistribute the weight closer to your body, allowing you to operate the rig longer than traditional handheld setups. The Lower Back Support provides additional weight distribution ensuring comfortable operation over any duration.

This new handheld focused Tilta Float Kit will allow you to take full advantage of the Float Arm for additional comfort while operating and increased stability while producing an organic handheld look.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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