Tilta Float Handheld Gimbal Support System for DJI RS 2 (Gold Mount)

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Product Overview


  • Designed for the DJI RS 2 Gimbal
  • Stabilizer Arm with Support Vest
  • Easy Assembly and Transport
  • Wireless Thumb Controller and Receiver
  • Gold Mount Battery Plate
  • Smartphone and Monitor Brackets
  • Easy High and Low Modes

Create dramatic, smooth cinematic moves using your DJI RS 2 handheld gimbal without back or arm strain with the Float Handheld Gimbal Support System from Tilta. The Float system features an adjustable vest, stabilizer arm, adjustable gimbal extension post, wireless thumb controller, wireless receiver module, Gold mount battery plate, monitor bracket, power and control cables, smartphone mounting bracket, tool kit, and a carry case to store and transport the entire system.

The Float system supports an RS 2 gimbal rig up to 22 lb, and it mounts onto the extension post. The post can extend from 19.6 to 39.4" for just the right height for your shot, and it mounts onto the stabilizer arm. The stabilizer arm supports approximately 31.5" of up and down movement to keep the stabilizer even steadier. The stabilizer arm mounts on the adjustable vest that fits waists from 23.6 to 47.2" around to create comfortable support and take the load off your back and arms.

The Gold mount battery plate mounts onto the rig and allows you to power accessories and your gimbal via the system's extension post using a single, optional high-capacity battery and the included power cable. The wireless thumb controller mounts onto the rig so you can control the gimbal's movement without needing to be close to the gimbal. It connects to the receiver via 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi from up to 229' away (line-of-sight) and features a shoe mount so it can mount onto a handle or other rigging. The included smartphone mount allows you to add a smartphone to control your gimbal as well as preview the image, and the monitor bracket allows you to add an optional monitor to your rig.

Optional accessories are also available separately, such as an RS battery counterweight bracket, TB50 battery plate, and bottom counterweight bracket.

  • Stabilizer arm and vest with adjustable mounting post to support DJI RS 2 gimbal
  • Gold mount battery plate to power gimbal
  • 22 lb load capacity
  • Durable carbon fiber and aluminum construction
  • Wireless thumb controller and receiver to control gimbal movement


Wide Range of Usage

Pairing with a gimbal is all you need in order to achieve all of the operating needs of the industry’s newest stabilizer systems. You can easily switch between high and low modes.

Compact and Portable

When compared to the traditional Steadicam system, the Tilta Float System is built with carbon fiber and lightweight aluminum materials. The camera operator no longer needs to travel with heavy ooperating equipment. It sets your body free from the burden and extends the duration of operation.

This compact and inexpensive stabilizer system is quick and easy to assemble, pack, and transport.

Highly modular and detachable design. Each components can be purchased individually.


Stabilizer Type Vest System
Load Capacity 22 lb / 10 kg
Height 19.7 to 39.4" / 50 to 100 cm
Center Column Diameter 0.5" / 12.0 mm
Number of Sections 2
Depth 13.6" / 34.5 cm
Width 8.3" / 21 cm
Weight 22 lb / 10 kg
Counterweights None
Belt Size 23.6 to 47.2" / 60 to 120 cm
Battery Type 1 x Gold Mount


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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