Syrp Magic Carpet PRO Short Slider Kit (24")

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Product Overview

The Syrp Magic Carpet PRO Short Slider Kit builds on their original Magic Carpet design, incorporating strong alloy materials and quick release components to give filmmakers a practical and easily assembled solution for cinema cameras. This kit includes a 2' track section. Additional track segments are available separately and with enough support, you can construct a slider of any length.

The included Pro slider carriage features an integrated flywheel. The weight resistance of the flywheel smooths out the sliding motion, so immersive tracking shots can be accomplished with both light and heavy cameras. Soft carry bags are included for transport and storage. See below for more information on the individual items included in this kit.

Syrp Magic Carpet PRO End Caps and Carriage

The Syrp Magic Carpet PRO End Caps and Carriage complete the Magic Carpet PRO slider. Install these on your Magic Carpet PRO track, and you'll be ready to film smooth tracking shots and time-lapses with your mirrorless camera, DSLR, or cinema camera. The carriage features a weighted flywheel which provides extra inertia, damping sliding motion for smoother results. Syrp's quick release system on the carriage lets you quickly install the Genie system or camera mounting equipment. Both end caps incorporate collapsible legs with feet that can adjust to the terrain. Hooks on the end caps can secure the Genie rope for time-lapse functionality.

Syrp Magic Carpet PRO Short Track (2')

The Syrp Magic Carpet PRO Short Track is a 2' track extension for Magic Carpet PRO sliders. The high-strength aluminum alloy construction matches the other Magic Carpet PRO components for a unified design that provides a seamless sliding surface when built out.


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