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Back-Bone Ribcage HERO4 Mod Kit

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1.30 LBS

Compatible with Hero4 Silver and Black editions
Out of the box compatibility with M12(S-Mount), CS-Mount , C-Mount lenses and accessories
Fully compatible with the Ribcage ‘EXO’ cage coming soon!
Easily removable mounting rings allow access to the image sensor for cleaning
Adjustable flange distance
Combine up to two different filters of two different sizes in camera at the same time
Use ND filters with most M12 lenses
Custom filters such as ND 0.3, 0.6 & 0.9, IR bandpass, NDVI and more coming soon!

Do it yourself and save some coin! Install Back-Bone’s custom, all aluminum Ribcage mod kit on any GoPro Hero4 Silver or Black (not included). Your camera will then be able to take micro M12, CS-Mount or C-Mount lenses. Attach almost any other type of lens with optional C-Mount adapters!


Transform the awesome GoPro Hero4 into a killer 4K interchangeable lens camera that will take all popular lens types! Designed with emphasis on widely available M12, CS-Mount and C-Mount our new Hero4 design refines that of our popular Hero3 mod to give you even more great features. All of the lens mounting rings are easily removable for filter replacement and sensor cleaning. Combine up to two custom filters in camera at the same time.  You won’t need filters for all your lenses, just  for the camera! Now you can use ND and NDVI and other custom bandpass filters with your M12 lenses, or lenses that have no filter threads on the front. Choose from our line of tried and tested high resolution lenses, or use your own. Browse through our library of C-Mount lens adapters to find what you need!

Package includes:

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 23 x 21 x 3 cm