Sony ECM-W3S Wireless Microphone System with Multi Interface Shoe

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Product Overview


The Sony ECM-W3S Wireless Microphone System with Multi Interface Shoe is a single-channel wireless microphone for high-quality digital sound recording. The system supports the recording of both analog and digital audio signals in both mixed or separate channels for the ultimate postproduction flexibility. The receiver is ultracompact and has integrated 3.5mm TRS and USB-C output ports. Two switches on the side allow you to select separate or mixed channel recording and toggle between analog and digital output modes. Toggle safety track recording to protect against unforeseen interruptions. An attenuator switch on the transmitter unit prevents clipping.

Bluetooth Wireless Communication

The units communicate with one another via Bluetooth 5.3 low-energy LC3plus codec from up to 492' away. The Bluetooth LC3plus codec ensures low power consumption and low latency while maintaining high sound quality.

Multi Interface Shoe

Use the receiver's integrated Multi Interface Shoe for cable-free connection to your compatible Sony camera. The camera body can supply power to the receiver when attached. Audio is transmitted via direct digital signal for high-quality sound free of transmission deterioration.

Digital Sound Recording

A digital MEMS microphone with a high signal to noise ratio are integrated into the transmitter to capture clear audio with low noise. You can eliminate distortion even further using the built-in noise cut and low-cut filters. The noise cut filter uses digital signal processing to remove interference, while the low-cut filter reduces unwanted low-frequency noise such as wind, air conditioning units, and vibrations.

Clip-On Transmitter

  • Noise cut filter, low-cut filter
  • Three attenuation settings: 0, 10, or 20 dB
  • 3.5mm TRS jack for external microphone input

Battery Life

  • Each component features an integrated lithium-ion battery.
  • The transmitter can operate for six hours at a time on a full charge.
  • Use the included charging case to recharge the components when on the go.

Component Design

LED indicators on the receiver and transmitter indicate the communication status and allow you to monitor battery levels. All components are designed to be moisture and dust resistant for outdoor shooting. Included furry windscreens reduce wind noise.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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