Sony 1TB AXS S66 Memory Card (3-Pack)

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Product Overview


  • For the VENICE 2
  • 1TB Storage Capacity
  • Max Write Speed: 6.6 Gb/s
  • Capture 8.6K 3:2 X-OCN XT 30P
  • Capture 8.2K17:9 X-OCN ST 60P
  • Capture 6K 3:2 X-OCN XT 60P
  • Compatible with AXS-R7 Recording Unit
  • Compatible with AXS-AR3 Card Reader

Topping out at a blazing fast 6.6Gb/s the AXS 1TB S66 MEMORY CARD from Sony is well suited for capturing the 8K data rates of the Sony VENICE 2 camera. This card has a capacity of 1TB, 8.6K X-OCN XT at 30P, 8.2K X-OCN ST at 60p, and 6K X-OCN XT images at 60p, in addition to a vareity of ProRes formats at such as 8.2K at 60 fps in ProRes 4444XQ.

The increased speed of the card easily handles 8K content, and it is backwards compatible with the AXS-R7 recording unit for use on other Sony cameras such as the VENICE 1 and the FS5 or F5. Once you've captured your footage on the card, you can use an optional AXS-AR3 memory card reader to transfer your footage to your computer/edit system.

High Capacity & Fast Transfer Speeds

The AXS-A1TS66 has a capacity of 1TB and delivers write speeds of 6.6 Gb/s.


Storage Capacity 1TB
Speed 6.6 Gb/s


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