SmallHD Camera Control Kit for RED RCP2 Cameras (Komodo, DSMC3)

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Compatible with Focus Pro, and Smart 7 Monitors (Cine 7, Indie7, and 702 Touch), for access to RED RCP2. Unlock access to camera control for RED KOMODO and DSMC3 cameras via with a software activation code, and tap into the internal camera settings with intuitive touchscreen configuration tools.

RED EXT 9-pin to SmallHD 5-pin USB Camera-Control Cable

Camera Control Cable (5-pin to 9-pin ) Only. Compatible with Focus Pro monitors, for access to RED KOMODO.

Micro USB to 5-pin Lemo Adapter

Micro USB to 5-pin Lemo Adapter for connecting a Teradek RT controller to your SmallHD monitor. Also used for installing Camera Control for RED & KOMODO to Cine 7, 702 Touch, Indie 7 monitors.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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