Sirui Nightwalker Series 24mm T1.2 S35 Manual Focus Cine Lens (E Mount, Black)

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Product Overview

The Sirui Nightwalker Series 24mm T1.2 S35 Manual Focus Cine Lens (E Mount, Black) offers an ultrafast T1.2 maximum aperture that is ideal for low-light capture. Designed to cover Super35/APS-C camera sensors, this prime lens features a lightweight, compact design with high image quality, cine-style gearings, and minimal breathing. The color tone, gear position, and size are consistent across the series, providing compatibility among accessories and enabling quick lens changes.

Ideal for Low-Light Shooting

  • The maximum T1.2 aperture enables you to capture low-light scenes, using lower camera ISO settings.
  • Ideal for run-and-gun filmmakers.

Wide-Angle Prime

  • This 24mm lens in the Night Walker series is ideal for landscapes, street scenes, and establishing shots.

High Optical Performance

  • High-refractive index glass elements contribute to this lens' high optical quality.
  • Focus breathing is minimal and aberration is strictly controlled.

Common Design Features

  • Lenses in the Sirui Night Walker cine lens series share common focus and iris gear ring positions.
  • Enables quick lens changes by reducing the need for follow focus units or iris motors to be repositioned.

Compact Form

  • This prime lens features a compact, lightweight design.
  • The aluminum alloy construction helps to protect the inner optical elements.

Focus Marks

Focus markings and measurements are provided in both feet and meters.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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