Saramonic Protective Face Mask with Lavalier Compartment (White)

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Product Overview


The Saramonic MaskMic-B and MaskMic-W are a face masks with integrated lavalier holder designed for users to still get great sounding performance and clarity from their lavalier microphone while wearing a face mask for safety. They are an ideal safety accessory for journalists who want to be protected while on location, but still need vocal intelligibility while using a lavalier. Also ideal for crew on film sets, workers on job sites, and anytime a lavalier user is in a crowded indoor space but needs to be protected. The MaskMic-B and MaskMic-W provide a smart and simple solution to assist lavalier users to follow new safety protocols on set, on site, or on location.

Comfortable for Extended Use

The MaskMic-B and MaskMic-W feature dual adjustable straps that go around the head and neck, with an interior seal and nose clip that provides secure fit. Resulting in a mask that is comfortable and cool to wear for extended periods of time and doesn’t cause chafing and irritation, like masks that are secured around both ears.

Made for Lavaliers

The MaskMic-B and MaskMic-W feature an integrated Lavalier holder that’s perfectly sized for most modern high-quality lavaliers. It features a compartment for the lavalier to lay down into and a cable clip to secure the lavalier in place. Compatible with lavaliers up to 10mm in diameter with cables up to 2mm in diameter, it is well suited for industry-standard professional lavaliers, like the Saramonic DK3 and DK4 series and similar sized lavaliers.


  • Provide improved performance and clarity when using lavalier microphones while wearing a mask
  • Ideal accessory for lavalier microphones when user must wear a face mask on location, job sites, film sets and in crowded indoor spaces
  • Integrated lavalier holder is compatible with lavaliers up to 10mm in diameter with up to a 2mm cable
  • Dual adjustable straps and interior seal provide a secure fit while providing a cool and comfortable experience
  • Perfect accessory for wired or wireless lavaliers and lavaliers used with IFB or 2-Way Radio systems


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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