RED KOMODO 6K Monchrome

The all new KOMODO Monochrome comes with the same acclaimed sensor in the KOMODO 6K but without the color filter array.


Without the color filter array, the sensor itself sees only light values with no reference for color, creating a true monochromatic image. Removing this filtration also allows for more light to hit the sensor and is why the base ISO recommendation of RED’s monochrome cameras are 2000 ISO, although customers are still advised to follow best exposure practices and select the best ISO for their scene.

The KOMODO Monochrome is available in two options.


The first, and most popular, is the KOMODO Monochrome 6K (710-0381). This camera should be considered the “normal” option, and can be used to capture gorgeous cinematic monochrome images.


The second camera is the KOMODO Monochrome 6K Full Spectrum (710-0363). This camera features the same sensor as the KOMODO Monochrome 6K, but lacks another layer of filtering on the sensor which results in a camera that is sensitive to the IR wavelength of light. This camera can be used for scientific or specialty visual effects reasons, but also can be used as a creative choice for users looking to capture Infrared Photography.


Technically, the Full Spectrum variant is more sensitive in lowlight, but again is also sensitive to IR light which needs to be a consideration.

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