Ra95 5600K LED Photography Light Mat Panel Flexible Dimmable

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Brand Name: SOONWELL
Model Number: SW-18T
Power: 62W
Voltage: 100-240VAC/DC15V 7A
Color Temperature: 5600K/3200K(optional)
Dimension: 46*61cm
Weight: 1.5 kg
No. of LED Bulbs: 504pcs
Light Angle: 10-360 degree
Power Source: 100-240VAC/14.8v Lithium Battery Pack
Application: Studio Fill-in Light, Outdoor/Indoor Photographic Lighting


This new slim & foldable LED light is developed by the latest LED technology with thickness of only 10mm. 
Single light's size is 46*61cm, aims for all kinds of shooting and micofilming.


1. Super slim & lightweight, 10mm thickness, 1.5kg net weight, easy for carry.
2. Waterproof on panel surface, foldable & easy packing in carrying bag.
3. 5600K CCT, RA95 CRI, 0-100% step-less dimmable.
4. With AC adapter & Sony V-mount battery adapter, suitable for indoor or outdoor shooting.
5. With adhesive valcro design, user can join multiple lights together to build "light wall" easily.
6. Adjustable standard U-bracket for light stand mounting.

LEDs 504pcs
Power Consumption  62W
Color Temperature 3200/5600K(optional)
Dimming 0-100% Step-less Dimming
Lux. 0.5m: 6940Lx; 1m: 2470Lx; 2m:668Lx.
Control Mode Turning Knob
CRI Ra95
Light Angle 10-3600
Power Source 100-240VAC or 14.8v V-mount Li-ion Battery Pack
Product Size L610*W460mm

 In Box:

1* SW-18T foldable light
1* X-shaped bracket(light frame)
1* Light controller
1* AC power adapter
1* Sony V-mount battery adapter
2* Adhesive Velcro(black)
1* Battery adapter fixed belt
2* Adhesive Velcro (to mount lights)
1* L-shape Bracket
1* Packing barrel(for light)
1* Carrying bag


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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