Quasar Science Rainbow 2 Linear RGBX LED Lamp with Ossium Mounting System (4')

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Product Overview


  • 1750-10,000K Color Temp, 95/95 CRI/TLCI
  • 100-0% Dimming, Flicker-Free
  • 50W Output
  • RGBX Spectral Science Color Engine
  • Full Gamut Color Mixing
  • Hue and Saturation Control
  • Ossium Mounting System Compatibility
  • Local, Bluetooth, Wired & Wireless DMX
  • Multi-Voltage AC, Optional Battery Power

The Rainbow 2 Linear RGBX LED Lamp from Quasar Science is a 4-foot linear LED tube that offers multi-pixel control with a high CRI/TLCI 95 rating, an SSI daylight rating of 74, and a tungsten rating of 91. The high-efficiency LEDs blend colors and brightness for millions of available colors and intensities. The integrated Pixel software provides control over 20 pre-built effects and macros, such as rainbow, short circuit, customizable emergency lights, and much more. Each pixel can be controlled independently, or even grouped together so the lamp can operate as a single pixel.

The Rainbow 2 is a useful linear LED for motion picture and content creation. A workhorse for everything from lighting actors to environments, it provides high-quality tunable white light and a high RGB color saturation. Multiple pixels maintain super smooth, flicker-free dimming and billions of available colors. This linear LED light offers incredible data connectivity whether wired or wireless, and can be powered anywhere via multi-voltage AC and DC power inputs. The Integrated Ossium Mounting System (OMS) allows for rigging in ways previously unobtainable.

Color Control

The perceptually distributed color palette created by advanced color science research provides artists instinctual lighting control. In addition, Spectral Control, a new technical and creative tool, provides artists complete control over any color's spectral fingerprint.

Color Science

The RGBX Spectral Science Color Engine produces spectrally based color calibration for more than one billion available colors.

Quality White Light

Rainbow 2 white light conforms to illumination standards used by camera sensors. From 1750 to 10,000K, Quasar Science calibrates all CCT spectrums to their TM-30 reference illuminants, producing white light with high color rendition (SSI up to 91, TM30 up to 94, CRI up to 95) to ensure the best photographic quality. CCT control provides an equal amount of color change throughout the entire Kelvin range.

Ossium System Compatibility

Designed specifically for Quasar Science, the Ossium Mounting System pushes the boundaries of light placement while integrating seamlessly with industry standards for safer and faster rigging, with greater precision. A slender, secure rail along the length of the rear of the LED light the provides multiple mounting points to accommodate any specific rigging need.

Local, Wired, and Wireless Control

The Rainbow 2 can be controlled locally using the integrated controls and OLED screen for precise, repeatable results. The Cat 5/6 RJ45 in/out ports allow lead/follow control for multiple fixtures in an ad-hoc wired network. Wireless control is available using Bluetooth, DMX, Lumen Radio CRMX Wireless+ Bluetooth, and Artnet using Wi-Fi connectivity. In addition, Ethernet passthrough enables daisy chaining, simplifying network design, expansion, and flexibility.

External Battery Compatibility

Compatibility with a wide range of industry standard batteries that can be mounted on separately available Ossium Battery Plates makes swapping batteries seamless. The external battery prevents the need for duplicate lights waiting on stand-by and eliminates associated shipping restrictions. Compatible with batteries from 12-30 VDC, using 4-pin push-pull to PTAP connector


Light Fixture
Lumens 2843
Photometrics 180° at 5600K:
8.9 fc / 95.8 Lux at 9.8' / 3 m
Color Temperature 1750 to 10,000K
Color Modes Full RGB Tuning
Color Accuracy Standard CRI 95
Cooling System Passive
Dimming Yes, 0 to 100% (Continuous)
Display OLED
Housing Material Aluminum, Plastic
Number of LEDs 24
Expected Lamp Life 25000 Hours
Beam Angle 180°
Fixture Dimensions 47.1 x 2.0 x 1.8" / 119.6 x 5.1 x 4.5 cm
Fixture Weight 3.33 lb / 1.5 kg
Power Input Connection powerCON True 1
DMX Connection RJ45
Fixture Mount 1/4"-20 Female
Remote Operation
Remote Control Type Bluetooth, DMX, Wi-Fi, CRMX, Wireless DMX
AC Input Power 120 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
DC Input Power 12 to 30 VDC
Power Source AC Adapter, External Battery
Max Power Consumption 50 W
Power Pass-Thru No
Cable Length 8' / 2.4 m
Cable Type powerCON True 1 to Edison (NEMA 5-15)
Certifications ETL, FCC, cETL, as per Manufacturer
IP Rating IP40
Packaging Info
Package Weight 7.31 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 51 x 5.75 x 4"


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