Quasar Science Q-LINE - X CROSSFADE LINEAR LED LAMPS 50W (4 foot)

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With the Quasar Science Q-LINE X Crossfade Linear LED Lamps (50 Watt 4ft) , you can tune the lamp from 2000° Kelvin Candle Light all the way through to 6000° Kelvin Overcast Daylight. Whether lighting actors or lighting environments, the versatility is undeniable. Stack lamps into large arrays to form LED panels of tremendous size and proportion. Light backings with unprecedented energy efficiency. String overhead above diffusions for the perfect sky. Retrofit your Kino package to high output, dimmer compatible LED units.

Linear LED Lamp - Q-LED Lamps offer a low profile yet broad lighting source that is capable of providing everything from traditional 3 point subject lighting to architectural accents and general area lighting.


X-fade White Light

Crossfade blending of our Candle Light diode (2000k) and our Overcast Daylight diode (6000k) mixing a balanced variable color spectrum.

Low Profile

Easy to hide when space is at a minimum the Q-LED Linear LED lamp can be mounted against a wall or ceiling without compromising framing.

Self Ballasted

Q-LED’s do not require troublesome power supplies or ballasts which often add time when quickly adding a light, get in the way or need to be hidden from camera.

Dimmer Compatible

Compatible with most dimming systems.

Expandable and Scalable

Stack them in a columns and rows to create large LED panels of any size, or end to end for long linear lighting sources. Create geometric patterns and 3D structures.

120vac or 240vac vs. 12vdc

Many modern LED lamps run on 12volt which can be very useful especially on battery packs however 12volts is highly problematic when powering large scale arrays with multiple lights or when needing to cable more then 12 feet / 3 Meters from the power source where line loss effects the output and performance of the LED luminaire.

Energy Efficiency

At 90+ lumens per watt the Q-LED line vastly outperforms Quartz, Halogen, Plasma and HMI lighting sources in the luminous output to power consumption ratio.

Single End Power Input

Providing a clean appearance and easy to cable light without the need for overly complicated wiring looms that become a spiderweb, tangling themselves around stands and costing time and energy to both straighten and dress out of view.


High CRI: Averaging 95 CRI across the curve our LED diodes produce attractive skin tones and a vibrant color response to the naked eye and on any film or camera sensor.


The new standard in color measuring for motion picture and television lighting, our TLCI readings are some of the highest in the lighting industry guaranteeing maximum performance on any camera.




Wattage 50 Watt
Color Temp 2000k - 6000k Crossfade Wheel
Power Connect Grounded Single End


240AC (Built to order)


2x Q Boots

1x Grounded Power 1G Q-Tri Pin Power Adapted

Color Rendering Index 95 CRI+
Additional Features

Flicker Free

Dimmer Compatible

25,000 + Hour Lifetime


(No reviews yet) Write a Review