Prolycht Soft Lantern for Orion 675 FS LED Light (36")

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Ideal for use as a classic softlight for closeups, or overhead to raise the ambient illumination level, this Soft Lantern for Orion 675 FS LED from Prolycht has a 36" diameter and creates a large, soft, nearly shadow-free output. Similar to a china ball lantern, but built with more durable materials, the Soft Lantern features a tough diffuser fabric and a collapsible wire frame that fits the Bowens S mount 675 FS. The Soft Lantern is also compatible with the Orion 300 FS, as well as many other lights that use the Bowens S mount for accessories. An carry bag is included to help you safely transport and store your lantern.


Item Type 36" Lantern Softbox (Rounded Shape)
Light Compatibility Direct Attachment (Requires No Bracket/Speed Ring) with Bowens S Mount
Quick Open Type Click/Locking Type
Accepts Grids No
Removable Front Face No
Interior Baffle No
Materials Fabric
Dimensions ø: 36" / ø: 91.4 cm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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