Prolycht Orion 300 FS LED Spotlight Kit (Gold Mount) (* DEMO UNIT *)

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The Prolycht Orion 300 FS LED Spotlight Kit (Gold Mount) is a powerful LED spotlight that revolutionizes professional lighting with its incredible full color spectrum output. By using multiple LEDs in six colors precisely mixed together – red, green, blue, amber, cyan and lime (RGBACL) – the Hyperlight color engine at the core of the Orion 300 FS can emit almost any color and accurately emulate any light source. This technology eliminates the gaps in the spectrum found on other LED fixtures that result in unwanted or unexpected results.

Paint your scene with washes of bold color, dancing flames, embers of evening light subtly focused on your subject, or flashing red and blue cop car effects - all using the Orion 300 FS. The user can quickly choose any color temperature from 2000K up to 20,000K, or from hundreds of preset Lee or Rosco filter colors. The Orion 300 FS can also emulate the specific color signatures of dozens of light sources such as halide street lamps or cool fluorescents to match with background fixtures. Throughout its entire wide range of color temperatures the light maintains accurate, pleasing skin tones.

The output can be hard or soft and shaped with a wide variety of tools. The Orion 300 FS uses the ubiquitous Bowens-style reflector mount and Prolycht offers a comprehensive range of modifiers including a 2x Fresnel lens, projection lens with gobos, dome softbox, diffuser, lantern, barn doors and reflector. The head is also compatible with a wide array of third-party modifiers.

The extreme accuracy, combined with the ability to shape and control light in a multitude of ways, offers cinematographers and gaffers remarkable new creative opportunities in a light of this size, power and cost.


Optical System Color Spot Light
Light Aperture 1.97'
Handling Aluminum Yoke, Tilt Lock
Mounting 28mm Spigot (Junior Pin)
Tilt Angle 360 Degrees
Illuminance at 1m 25,000 lx
White Light 2,000K ~ 20,000K with each step of 50K
Color Light Full R+G+B+A+C+L Gamut with HSI, Gel, Source Matching, Lighting effects modes
CCT Tolerance

+/- 100 (nominal)

+/-1/10 Green/Magenta (nominal)

Color Rendering

Ra 96


Green/Magenta Adjustment Duv -0.015~0.015 with each step of 0.00015
Dimming 0~100% dimming with each step of 0.1%
Power Supply Input Range

AC 100 to 240V


Battery 14.8V

Power Consumption 300~320 W

On-board controller, 5 Pin DMX in/out

Bluetooth mobile app

Firmware Upgrade Firmware upgradable via flash drive
Operating Temperature

-20 Degrees C to +45 Degrees C

Estimated Color Shift 2 SDCM
Estimated L70 Lifetime 50,000 hours

Lamphead: 7.7 lbs

Control Box 7.1 lbs


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