Preston Hand Unit 4 (HU4)

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Product Overview


The Preston Hand Unit 4 (HU4) features a large 4.6” sunlight-readable touch-panel display and handgrip-integrated controls for Light Ranger 2 operation. This combination gives the user the most powerful tools available, especially for demanding projects with shallow depth of field.

The lens library now stores up to 1024 lens records.The focus scale can be expanded or compressed by finger touch. Travel limits for focus, iris and zoom are set with the touch of a button and are displayed as brightly coloured bars overlaid the lens scales. Non-linear iris scales are mapped to a linear scale. Focus knob drag is easily adjustable. Lens mapping translates the lens focus scale to any of 5 pre-printed focus rings making the focus “throw” for any lens the same.The integrated joystick can be selected to control either zoom or to track a subject for Light Ranger focus assist.

The HU4 carries forward the same attention to reliability and ruggedness that have made this product series the industry standard.

Compatible products

  • Units: MDR-3, MDR-4, Light Ranger 2, Video Interface, Digital Micro Force 3, and Micro Force V+F3
  • Cables: 4765-L, 4766-L, 7100
  • Focus marking ring: 4065


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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