NiSi 77mm Close-Up NC Lens Kit II with 67 and 72mm Step-Up Rings

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Product Overview

The NiSi 77mm Close-Up NC Lens Kit II with 67 and 72mm Step-Up Rings offers the ability to achieve macro-like results with camera lenses that feature focal lengths from 70 to 300mm and have 77, 72, or 67mm front filter threads. A close-up lens is a magnifier that optically decreases the focal length of a camera lens placed behind it. This effect lessens the minimum focus distance between the camera lens and a subject. Magnification can then be obtained by decreasing the distance between the subject and the combined camera lens and close-up lens. On lenses with or set to a 200mm focal length, this close-up lens provides an approximate 1:1 magnification.

The lens in this 77mm Close-Up NC Lens Kit II is constructed from two apochromatic optical glass elements, which include NiSi Nano coatings for enhanced clarity as well as more effective prevention of internal ghosting, reflections, and chromatic aberrations. Also included are a 67 to 77mm step-up and 72 to 77mm step-up ring set that permits the use of the close-up lens on other camera lenses with smaller filter threads, front and rear caps, and a pouch to store or transport the entire 77mm Close-Up NC Lens Kit II.

  • Apochromatic design
  • Optical glass elements
  • Working distance: 8.6 to 11.8"
  • Multi-nano coating for natural color
  • Minimal purple/green fringing within focus and bokeh


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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