MUTINY Classic IO Port Expander for RED KOMODO & V-RAPTOR

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Product Overview


The MUTINY Classic IO Port Expander for RED KOMODO & V-RAPTOR is a port expander interface box for the RED KOMODO and the V-RAPTOR camera and is the most modular RED approved IO system available. The Classic IO allows for Timecode, Genlock, Run Stop camera triggering (R/S), and RCP2 Control (SmallHD monitors).

The Mutiny Classic IO is modular with almost unlimited mounting capabilities and cable options. With dual-sided 1/4-20 holes, three tether points, and a rotating 15mm rod clamp option, there are over a thousand mounting combinations for your rig. Perfect for gimbal ops and anyone who wants to wants to run light and tight on their setup. Classic IO is hand-assembled and tested in the USA. 

The MUTINY Classic IO has been used on blockbuster movies, television shows, commercials, documentaries, music videos, and indie films around the world.

*Note you will need to also order a 9pin EXT cable unless you have one already*


  • SmallHD Focus, Indie 7, and Cine 7 series monitors (with KOMODO Control & DSMC3 Control RCP2 CTRL functions) via 4 Pin connector
  • Tentacle Sync (1st and 2nd Gen) & Sync E Recorder via 5 pin TC IN/OUT connector
  • Titla Nucleus Nano & M (R/S) triggering via 3 pin Fischer 3 R/S
  • Ambient (All Lockit Timecode / Sync products) via 5 pin TC IN/OUT & Genlock BNC
  • Preston MDR version 3 and 4 (R/S triggering) via 3 Pin Fischer R/S
  • C-Motion Via 3 Pin Fischer R/S
  • Teradek RT / RT motion via 3 pin Fischer R/S
  • Deneke SB series (all) and JB Series (all) timecode/sync boxes via 5 Pin TC IN/OUT
  • Most genlock, sync devices, and 5 pin timecode generators and readers 5 pin TC and BNC Genlock

The Mutiny Classic IO is RED Approved hardware so you have the confidence that it will work with your KOMODO or V-RAPTOR and meet their expectations. Classic IO comes with a Bongo Tie and 2x 1/4-20 screws for mounting.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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