Shape Swivel Monitor Mount For Atomos Sumo

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Product Overview

NEW SHAPE Swivel Monitor Mount for Atomos Sumo

Created on a promise of durability and innovation, this new sturdy and fully adjustable horizontal swivel monitor mount is used to securely mount a 19"Atomos Sumo Monitor onto a studio roller stand using a standard 5/8” (16mm) baby pin. It is secured with a ratchet knob to effortlessly integrate a large Atomos Sumo monitor into any setup.

The VESA Standard SHAPE Swivel Monitor Mount provides side attachments featuring the patented SHAPE Push-Button System for easy angle adjustments on a 360° axis on one side, and the Adjustable Rotation Friction Mechanism using a knob on the other side for multiple adjustment points allowing the monitor to be safely tilted at different angles.

SHAPE Patented Push-Button Technology

SHAPE is world-renowned for its patented Push-Button Technology now used by so many creative professionals in the photography, film and TV industry. As a professional, you need your mounting options to be as dynamic as your shoot. The unique SHAPE Push-Button System enables you to make quick and easy adjustments by the push of a button, allowing a 360° rotational axis to set the monitor in the best position for your own use and comfort. 

SHAPE’s improvements in technology have brought about the ideal solution to see what you capture in real-time without hovering over your workstation. Observing your shoot through a monitor at the perfect angle gives the crew an instant view of what the camera is seeing. 

The VESA Standard SHAPE Swivel Monitor Mount offers many other benefits such as viewing images while shooting even in greater detail on a larger screen, and easily positioning the monitor using the side attachment that features the patented Push-Button System to review images during or after a shoot. The monitor mount also features 40-degree adjustability in 4-degree increments and it holds monitors up to 40 lbs. It can be mounted to common light and C-stands using the standard 5/8” (16mm) baby pin. The matte black finish blends well with the look of most monitors while the lightweight design offers you a nice clean setup.

Made in Canada, the new SHAPE Swivel Monitor Mount for the Atomos Sumo Monitor comes with a lifetime warranty on CNC Machined Aluminum parts.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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