Zacuto Z-Finder 3.2" Mounting Frame for DSLRs

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Product Overview

For DSLR Cameras With 3.2" Displays
Must Be Used With Gorilla Plate_

The Z-Finder 3.2" Mounting Frame for Small DSLR Bodies is for use with the DSLR_Gorilla plate_or_DSLR Baseplate_in order to attach a Zacuto Z-Finder to your camera LCD. This is the model that comes standard with the Z-Finder Pro 3x for 3.2__ Screens and Pro 2.5x for 3.2__ Screens. It is designed for small body cameras (without a __built in__ battery pack) with 3.2__ LCD screens like the Canon 5D M3 or Nikon D800. This frame is compatible with all Z-Finders._

This frame is not compatible with the Canon 5D M2/7D/T2i or Nikon D300/7000 or any camera with a 3__ LCD screen. A frame for these cameras is available_here._

The Z-Finder frame attaches to the Gorilla Plate or DSLR Baseplate with an included_Z-Finder Mounting Frame Slide Kit.This slide enable front to back, side to side, and up and down adjustment to line the frame up with the camera LCD. The frame has a rubber coating on the back to avoid scratching and to ensure a clean seal with the LCD screen.


Display Size 3.2" DSLR screens
Construction Aircraft aluminum frame
Rubber coated display-side surface
Connection Held against LCD display by pressure
Attached to camera via two thumb screws
Weight 1.0 lb (0.45 kg)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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