Matthews Rag Bag (Small)

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Product Overview

Made from Nylon Pack Cloth, these bags are ideal for storing Butterfly and Overhead Rags individually to keep them clean and not allow one wet rag to contaminate the others. The double drawstrings pull through grommets for long wear. Custom size and custom color Rag Bags available upon request.

Lights are always used in a video shoot or photo studio, and Butterfly and Overhead Rags are employed to partially or fully block light to create different lighting effects on the set. Sometimes it's required to use these rags on location and under different weather conditions, causing them to become wet from rain or snow. This small red Rag Bag from Matthews is designed to hold a Butterfly or Overhead Rag separate, keeping other rags dry, clean, safe, and secure.

The bag is made from a nylon pack cloth, and located on the bottom of the bag is a plastic pocket used to identify the contents of the bag. Drawstrings are pulled through the grommets to close and secure the contents of the bag.

The nylon bag stores Butterfly and Overhead Rags
Keeps material dry and clean
Double drawstring closure
Plastic pocket insert for content identification

Rag Bag Small - PN 309200
Weight .25lbs, Rope Color Red

Rag Bag Medium - PN 309212
Weight: .5lbs Rope Color Red

Rag Bag Large - PN 309218
Weight: .75lbs Rope Color Red

Rag Bag Extra Large - PN 309224
Weight: 1lbs Rope Color Red


(No reviews yet) Write a Review