Fluotec CineLight 60 SoftLight LED Panel (BiColor)

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Product Overview

Quick Bits

  • Manual and/or DMX Control
  • 8 Preset memories for color temperature and custom configurations are allowed between 2700-6600K.
  • A very high efficiency Broadcast & Cinema luminaire with white light LEDs controlled by our exclusive software-hardware drivers.
  • Constant luminous output for the whole range (2700K-6800K) of correlated color temperatures CCT is achieved with their proprietary designed calibration curves.
  • Stepless 0-100% HALODIM control dimming with 12-bit resolution, with calculated curves specially designed for the human eye, allowing a smooth dimming response and minimum color shift.
  • The DMX control software automatically assigns 2 channels, the first for dimming and the second for color temperature._


A new powerful production soft lighting system of 4ft (120cm) and 2ft (60cm) SoftLIGHT BiColor DMX LED PANELS.

Specially designed solutions with high TLCI* for Motion Pictures and Television Studios.

The CineLight 120 system includes a complete set of accesories: 4 Leaf Barndoors sets, light control egg crates and rigging accesories for studio or portable production use.

Model CineLight 120 BiColor
Code G6LCNT101
Operation 90-240V - 50/60Hz
Weight Ib/kg 15.43/7.00
Electrical draw 1.11A (133W) @120V
Remote variable CCT 2700K-6600K and 8 presets
CRI +95 @4000K
Remote dimming control Via DMX 0% - 100%
Local dimming control Digital Display 0% - 100%



(No reviews yet) Write a Review