Vid-Atlantic 58mm Flare/Streak Filter Kit - with 52mm Step-Up Ring (Pink)

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Product Overview

Add a little Flare to your videos and photos! Anamorphic lens looks, without using an Anamorphic lens! The Vid-Atlantic filters create a little charm and charisma. A subtle aesthetic that really stands apart from the crowd!

  • 58mm filters will include an additional 52mm step ring, giving you both 58mm and 52mm mounting sizes with one purchase.
  • 77mm filters will include an additional 72mm step ring, giving you both 77mm and 72mm mounting sizes with one purchase.

Stray from the clinical look that modern day spherical SLR lenses give. Vid-Atlantic filters give your new and old lenses a little more charm and charisma!

Assembled onto a round rotating filter frame, the Flare/Streak Filter is similar to the CineMorph Anamorphic Looks Filter, but without the Oval Bokeh Shaper Element, making it much more compatible with many cameras and a wider range of lenses as well as no light loss.

After a long period of experimenting with various materials and assembly methods, Vid-Atlantic was able to come up with a new filter that does not have the anamorphic oblong oval bokeh element and without all the other limitations that come with the CineMorph filter.

It's a simple and easy to use streak-flare filter that can mount to virtually any camera lens and any focal length.

It uses a high quality rotating filter frame and glass so that it won't dull or degrade the image.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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