Leitz Cine THALIA 100mm T2.2 Cine Lens (PL Mount)

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Product Overview


  • PL Mount 100mm Cine Lens
  • Covers up to 65mm Sensors
  • Supports VistaVision and Super 35
  • T2.2 Aperture

Designed for use with digital cinema cameras, the Leica THALIA 100mm T2.2 PL Mount Cine Lens features a 15-blade iris design that gives your images a vintage film look with analog curving focus roll-off for a more natural dimensional perception and color rendering. The line of THALIA PL Mount cine lenses can be used with PL Mount professional cine cameras with 65mm, full frame, VistaVision, and Super 35 sensors such as ARRI ALEXA 65, RED, and Panavision.

The line of THALIA lenses share similar characteristics such as a 92mm filter thread, a rear filter net holder, 270° focus rotation, an 95mm front diameter, a 60mm full frame image circle, and 0.8 MOD standard cine focus gear rings, making the lenses easily interchangeable in the field. The 100mm lens has a close focus of 28", a maximum aperture of T2.2, it weighs only 2.5 lb, and features lens markings in feet. The lens comes with a PL mount installed, but it can be sent back to the manufacturer to have it replaced by an LPL mount.

Covers up to 65mm Sensors

THALIA lenses offer a large image circle that covers sensors up to the ARRI ALEXA 65, but can also be used to create equally stunning images on full frame, VistaVision, and Super 35 sensors and film stocks.

Depth and Dimension

Images captured with the THALIA lenses can appear to have an added depth and dimension, especially on larger sensors, due to a gradual focus falloff curve. Rather than even, flat layers of focus across the frame, the THALIA lenses have a sharp and focused center with gradual and pleasing falloff of contrast and light towards the edges, leading the view to the image center as well as adding dimension to the scene. This differs from most images created with modern lenses.

Film Look

While the THALIA lenses are not technically vintage lenses, they do offer many of the image characteristics that have driven cinematographers to pair older lenses with digital sensors. They are clear without being overly sharp, and focus is smooth and forgiving without looking soft. Skin tones are natural and even with accurate color rendition.

Cinematic Bokeh

The innovative 15-blade iris design of the THALIA lenses maintains a circular iris through all aperture stops, creating a cinematic bokeh that comes alive with character. Out-of-focus elements maintain their structure, which further adds to the sense of dimension in the image.


Focal Length 100mm
Lens Mount ARRI PL
Format 65mm
Image Circle 60.0 mm
Maximum T-Stop T2.2
Horizontal Angle of View Full Frame: 20.4°
Super35: 14.2°
Minimum Focus Distance from Image Plane 27.56" / 70.00 cm
Iris Blades 15
Front Diameter 95 mm
Focus Scales Imperial
Focus Rotation 270°
Electronic Communication Yes
Length 4.9" / 124.46 mm
Weight 2.5 lb / 1.13 kg
Packaging Info
Package Weight 3.43 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 9.8 x 6.5 x 6.5"


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