Kippertie Strata PL-ND Mount for RED V-Raptor

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Product Overview


The Kippertie Strata-PLND is the true bolt-on PL mount with built-in optical ND for RED V-Raptor. The Strata-PLND is designed with top tier users in mind. For fast moving professional environments where the compromises of variable ND or electronic ND filtration are unacceptable. Tough enough to support any lens while never passing any stress to the friendly but light-duty RF mount.

The ND system uses pure optical glass filters, uniquely allowing an immediate switch between clear and ND values 0.6, 1.2 and 1.8. There is zero effect on colour, polarisation, vignette or bokeh rendition. Strata’s optical specification goes above and beyond the already best-in-class Revolva filter cartridge, and is matched for aspect ratio and size to the V-Raptor VV sensor.

The movement of the filters is purely mechanical. No motors or electronics to fail, no firmware compatibility to worry about. The design provides positive locking for each filter stage to prevent accidental intrusion or movement of the filters under vibration or rough handling.

Strata brings the expected rental-friendly design and bulletproof simplicity to V-Raptor. With optical baffles and flare traps for optimal performance, Strata is tailored with specific regard to the unique V-Raptor sensor and body.

The profile and aesthetic of the mount is matched to the camera body reducing the chance of obstructions to other accessories. Multiple 1/4-20 mounting points are provided for convenience.

Mounting is by four captive 1/4-20 stainless steel screws direct to the V-Raptor front accessory mounting points. The RF mount is used only as a reference surface for position and backfocus, removing entirely the problems inherent to a sprung bayonet designed for small stills lenses.

Strata-PLND is pre-shimmed for nominal backfocus, and supplied with further shims for professional adjustment. We use and recommend the Denz FDC-multi for precision measurement, and we expect that our diligent users will verify their installation prior to shooting.

Maintenance of the filters is easy; protective coatings make for simple cleaning, and the filter stages are simple for a technician to remove should any particle find its way between the dual glass layers.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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