IRIX Cine Lens Entry Set (PL Mount, Imperial Feet)

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Product Overview


  • Top-quality set of Irix Cine lenses - 21mm, 30mm, 45mm
  • T1.5 set allowing anyone to get into film production
  • Standardized lenses to make your work on set easier
  • Identical color, contrast, and sharpness
  • Nanuk, a well-known quality case
  • Specially designed case for Irix lenses
  • Space for MMS filters
  • Waterproof (IPX7), dustproof (IP6X) & MIL-SPEC certified

The IRIX Cine Lens Entry Set (PL Mount, Imperial Feet) will allow you to immediately start shooting with the three most common focal lengths that will perform great both on full-frame sensors as well as a crop like Super35. Being a fast T1.5 set, it will allow shooting in any light conditions. Each lens is spaced by 20 degrees of field of view, perfectly covering the range from 80 to 40 degrees.

What's Included

  • 21mm T1.5
  • 30mm T1.5
  • 45mm T1.5
  • Irix Edge MMS Filters UV, CPL, ND8
  • Irix Lens case by Nanuk

Irix lenses are designed to complement each other when working in a set. The focus and iris gears are lined up on each lens to make swapping between them much easier. Similar weight and size help to avoid rebalancing tripod, steadicam, or gimbals.

Irix lens optics are designed to provide the same picture. Preserving contrast, color, and sharpness across the whole set. When in need to add other filters, most lenses come with a 86mm filter thread and 94mm front diameter.

Irix lenses are weather sealed to let you work no matter what conditions you will encounter. Each lens is sealed to keep dust, sand, or water out. Making your camera the only limitation for where and when you can shoot.
With the expansion of the Irix line-up, Nanuk was a perfect fit for a case that can keep up with our lenses. Their cases are well known around the world as being very durable and tough.

The whole set including the case weighs around 14lbs (6.5kg).

IRIX 21mm T1.5 Cine Lens

The 21mm will be your go-to lens for any opening shot. This wide distortion-free lens will catch everything. A 21mm lens is also a great choice for any tight locations, where shooting from a distance is not possible, like events or weddings. With T1.5, this wide lens can cut out the background, producing beautiful bokeh

IRIX 30mm T1.5 Cine Lens

The 30mm is a perfect medium shot lens for when you’re trying to catch more of your interviewed person, leave some extra space around, or catch some b-roll, it will perform great. On a crop sensor, it becomes closer to 45mm, which makes it a perfect portrait lens.

IRIX 45mm T1.5 Cine Lens

The 45mm lens is a favorite of current Irix users. A prime example of the “Irix look”. With its T1.5, you casn shoot in any light conditions. Sharp across the whole range, it allows you to capture those beauty shots wide open. Add an ND filter and get beautiful shots that will stand out, even in daylight

Irix Magnetic MMS Filters

The set comes with 3 MMS basic filters that will allow you to start shooting in any condition. The filters come with our Magnetic Mount System (MMS) for quick workflow and SR rated to protect your lens. Being scratch-resistant.

  • UV filter - a neutral filter that will protect your lens
  • CPL filter - useful to control reflections on sunny days
  • ND8 filter - will cut 1/8 of the light reaching the sensor. Thanks to this, you can keep the iris opened up, even during a bright day
  • Filter case - to keep the filters secured


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