IndiPRO Tools Safetap Connector Cable to Sony NP-FZ100 Battery (28" Regulated)

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Power your devices that use Sony NP-FZ100 batteries with this Indipro D-Tap power cable; Featuring the revolutionary Safetap Connector which protect’s your equipment with Patented technology. Built-in intelligence monitors for reverse polarity, over/under voltage, short circuits and prevents battery deep discharge. Accepting 10-28 VDC input from a D-tap source, the inline regulation ensures that a steady 7.9 VDC output is sent through the dummy battery to power your device with the correct voltage. Unlike some of our competitors cables, the inline regulation ensures that there will be no overheating or video noise to your camera. This Cable is 28″” in length and is assembled in the USA.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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