IndiPRO Tools Safetap Coiled D-Tap to 4-Way D-Tap Cable (24-36", Non-Regulated)

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Product Overview


  • Indicates Reverse Polarity Output
  • Indicates Over-/Under-Voltage and Shorts
  • Protects from Battery Deep Discharge
  • 10A Maximum Combined Draw
  • Coiled Cable Expands from 24 to 36"

The IndiPRO Tools Safetap Coiled D-Tap to 4-Way D-Tap Cable is a useful splitter cable for powering multiple D-Tap powered accessories from a single D-Tap power port. The male D-Tap features integrated electronics that monitor and indicate reverse polarity, under- and over-voltage, and short circuits. The connector can also help prevent deep discharges of your battery, and it supports a maximum draw of 10A. The coiled cable expands from 24 to 36", allowing you to have the extra length while keeping the cable neat when the extra length is not needed.

The cable supports a total current draw of 10A combined over the four D-Tap outputs.


Connectors Input: 1 x D-Tap
Output: 4 x D-Tap
Current Draw Max: 10 A total
Length Coiled: 20" / 50.8 cm
Extended: 36" / 91.44 cm
Weight 1.0 lb / 453.6 g


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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