IDX System Technology DUO-C150P V-Mount Li-Ion Battery

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The DUO-C150P is the successor of the popular DUO-C150 battery. Ideal compact battery solution for digital cinema cameras and camera stabilizer systems where long runtimes are required. With 145Wh capacity, the DUO-C150P meets the passenger aircraft carry-on limit and can still provide mobile power to cine-style cameras such as the ARRI ALEXA Mini and RED Weapon effortlessly for extended periods at a time. The DUO-C150P also includes two on-battery D-Taps and now features a USB-C port to power accessories as well as charge the battery. Also, V-Torch LED for use in dark environments and SMBus to display battery info via viewfinder on cameras such as ARRI and RED.

The DUO-C150P is the next generation in the popular DUO-C Series. An excellent choice for powering ENG camcorders, production cameras, monitors, and more. It started years ago with the DUO Series, the first to offer D-Taps and USB out, followed by the DUO-C Series with compact cells improving the power to weight ratio so important to camera operators. The IDX commitment to value and reliability continues, utilizing the highest quality cells with the DUO-CP Series. 

This enhanced version offers power taps like those found in the DUO Series for powering accessories. Newly added non-proprietary USB-C PD port for two-way power delivery and charging when used with the new UC-PD1 compact charger. This is the world's first professional battery equipped with USB-C Power Delivery. In addition to the IDX dual or quad charger, a third way to charge is via D-Tap advanced with the VL-DT1.

IATA compliant at 145 Wh capacity and 14 Amps Max draw. A Five LED power indicator, V-Torch for easy aachment in dark environments, and IB and SB modes for communication with the camera head. Plus, an antiviral and antimicrobial body for hygienic peace of mind.


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