Hot Rod PL Support for the Bright Tangerine RED Komodo Cage

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Use heavy and long PL lenses with this rock-solid solution from Hot Rod Cameras. This support foot attaches to the bottom of the Hot Rod Cameras PL-RF Adapter (Mark II) and the bottom screw threads on the Bright Tangerine RED Komodo Side Plates (B4002.0015), both sold separately.

Installation instructions:

  • First, unscrew the two screws (M3 2mm Hex) which mount the ¼’’-20 support foot that comes natively on the PL-RF mount.
  • Install the Bright Tangerine Komodo Side Plates and securely mount the adapter onto the camera body.
  • Place the Komodo support foot by finding the two threaded M3 holes on the lower corners of the Bright Tangerine Side Plates. The curved portion of the support foot will mate flush with the PL-RF mount.
  • Using a 2mm Hex screwdriver, begin screwing in the support foot into the side plates. Do not tighten the screws all the way, a few threads of travel will be enough. Make sure the support foot can move up and down freely.
  • After making sure the support foot is parallel to the bottom of the Komodo, lightly screw in two screws into the bottom of the support foot and into the PL-RF mount. Do not tighten before putting in the second screw. After making sure both screws are a few threads in, you may begin tightening them both down.
  • The support foot comes with two additional M3 screws as replacements.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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