Hot Rod Cameras PL to L Adapter (Mark II)

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Inventor of the PL mount adapters, Hot Rod Cameras is proud to introduce the Hot Rod Cameras PL to L Adapter (Mark II), which improves upon the original PL adapter, used by major rental houses all over the world. Our Mark II version includes the first ever “Rotia Black” nano textured flocking. This deep black with a nano texture is inspired by the black textured feathers of a Lawes’ Parotia and enables PL mount lenses to be used on L mount cameras with the most minimal internal light reflections and significantly improved contrast over a more typical anodized adapter.

In addition to the L mount connection, it was engineered to be secured on the camera with a screw thread. Provides stronger connection between lens and the camera. With this extra securing feature, it enables users to shoot steady without the lens rattling even after a long-term use.

Included with the mount is a custom PL cap and a shim set. **The PL cap is currently unavailable and will ship separately.** 

  • Extra-secure lens mounting screw option, comes with internal M2 size screw to attach to the camera and prevent all rotational play, commonly found on PL mount adapters.
  • Solid Thermal Stable PL mount, resists expansion and contraction (focus drift) in a wider and more extreme range of temperatures.
  • Allows shim adjustments with custom stainless steel shims. Includes with the PL adapter is 1 of each of the following shims, 0.025 mm, 0.05 mm, 0.08 mm, 0.1mm, and 0.12mm.
  • Robust aircraft aluminum alloy and chromium plated brass construction.
  • Ergonomic low profile lens locking ring design.
  • Removable custom support foot for immobilizing and supporting heavy lenses with ¼”-20 thread, custom support pieces, cage, tripod or other accessory.
  • Optional proprietary “flare ring” for creative effects (coming in Q3 2022)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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