eMotimo spectrum ST4 Run & Gun Bundle with Dual Motors (V-Mount)

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Product Overview


The eMotimo spectrum ST4 Run & Gun Bundle with Dual Motors (V-Mount) is eMotimo's smallest and lightest 4-axis bundle that is easy to pack and carry for a grab and go shoot.

Weight to Payload Ratio

Spectrum ST4 is the strongest motion control unit for its size and weight

Interview Ping-Pong Mode

Set up a simple A-B continuous move to serve as your robotic second camera, or push it further by adding a focus module to keep your subject sharp during pushes and pulls. This mode is great for interviews. Set up one camera on spectrum to track your subject and use a second camera for close-ups. Add smooth dynamic movement to your interviews with almost no effort.

Complex Keyframes

When programming a shot on spectrum, you can set up to 9 individual keyframes for your move. You set your start point and end point and can add up to 7 frames in between.

Durable - Machined to Last

Internal wires and heavy duty connectors are protected by the CNC-milled, aircraft-grade, aluminum chassis. The spectrum ST4 is built to last.

Completely Repeatable

The spectrum ST4 is repeatable at low and high speeds. Regardless of changing source voltage, or payload, you will have the ability to shoot higher end VFX.

Better Live Control

The spectrum ST4 is all about feel. Unlike our previous products and most other motion control on the market, the spectrum has outstanding live control through the remote. Because this you can drive the head with no jitters or unwanted movements that can show up with manual control. The spectrum ST4 is armed with 11 different motor move presets from turbo mode to quiet interview mode and everything in between.

What's Included

  • spectrum ST4 4-axis motion control unit
  • spectrum medium hard case 
  • eMotimo Heavy Duty L-bracket (camera / Fz motor mounting)
  • eMotimo Fz (focus) Motor
  • iFootage Shark Slider with 30 inch base and 2 foot extension (configure to 2 and 4 foot lengths)
  • iFootage integration kit with both 14:1 Motor and direct drive motor
  • uSD Card/Instructions
  • Arca compatible plate for pan axis
  • PS4 DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller
  • 12V AC power supply
  • CL-N3, CL-DC0, CL-S2 DSLR camera trigger cables


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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