DZOFilm Catta Coin Plug-in Filter for Catta Zoom (ND Set)

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Product Overview


  • Artistic Rear Filter Set
  • For Catta Zoom Lenses
  • ND 0.6, ND 0.9, and ND 1.2 Filters
  • Double-Sided Nano Coating
  • For E/RF/L/X/Z Mount Lenses

Add filters to protect the rear element of your Catta Zoom lenses with this Catta Coin Plug-in Filter set from DZOFilm. This ND set of filters includes ND 0.6, ND 0.9, and ND 1.2 filters, cutting light into the sensor by 2, 3, and 4 stops, respectively. They are compatible with Catta Zoom lenses with E/RF/L/X/Z mounts.

These detachable filters mount onto the rear element of the zoom lens and provide protection from dust, moisture, and scratching thanks to its double-sided nano coating. Each filter provides a different level of light reduction in creative production environments, with an even light reduction, no degradation, and high clarity and color reproduction.


DZOFilm Catta Zoom lenses with E/RF/L/X/Z mounts


  • Reduces light evenly with high optical performance
  • Creates images without color fringing or image degradation
  • Unique DZOFILM-designed glass provides high clarity and color rendition


Filter Type Rear Element Filter
Filter Effects ND 0.6
ND 0.9
ND 1.2


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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