Deity Microphones Theos D2RX Digital Camera-Mount Wireless Microphone Receiver (550 to 663 MHz)

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Product Overview

The Deity Theos D2RX is an advanced, fully digital wireless microphone receiver designed to provide dependable performance and a fast, stress-free, remote-controlled workflow for filmmakers, videographers, and serious content creators. Part of Deity’s Sidus ecosystem, the receiver is compatible with the DBTX transmitter (available separately) and operates in the less crowded UHF spectrum to deliver reliable wireless transmission. The D2RX dual-channel receiver is camera-mountable, compatible with mobile devices, and features a rugged CNC-milled aluminum chassis engineered to built to survive the rigors of field production.

Dual-Channel Camera-Mount Receiver

  • The compact D2RX receiver sports an impressive 103 dB dynamic range and conveniently attaches to your camera's shoe mount to receive wireless audio from the transmitter.
  • The receiver is dual-channel, allowing you to use it with two transmitters simultaneously and record two on-camera personalities. Two TRS mono balanced or stereo unbalanced outputs are supplied to connect to your camera's inputs for recording.
  • A USB-C port on the receiver outputs digital audio, great for use with a phone or mobile device.
  • Power is supplied by two AA batteries. A pair of Lithium batteries will power the receiver for over 8 hours.

Wideband UHF Spectrum

  • The Deity Theos Digital Wireless Microphone System sets itself apart by utilizing a broad UHF spectrum range from 550 to 663 MHz instead of the congested 2.4 GHz band. This helps ensure that your audio is free from interference and other issues that can occur when working in a crowded frequency range.
  • Using a wideband UHF spectrum is especially important for filmmakers who need to work in various locations where multiple devices might compete for frequency space. In such situations, Deity Theos ensures that you always have a clear frequency to work with, thus lowering the risk of interference.

Remote Control via Sidus Audio App

  • The Deity Theos Digital Wireless Microphone System has a unique feature that allows remote control of both the transmitter (available separately) and receiver through the Sidus Audio app.
  • With the app, you can easily perform frequency scanning and assignment, coordinate frequencies among several receivers, adjust gain staging, and remotely trigger the backup recorder on the transmitter. This feature eliminates the need to physically handle the device, making it much more convenient when working on set.
  • The remote control feature is especially useful for filmmakers who need to work with multiple devices or those who need to make adjustments to their audio settings quickly. It saves time, and it ensures that you never miss a critical moment on set.

Full-Color LCD Screen

  • One of the standout features of the Theos Wireless System is the full-color LCD screen, which displays the status of the device. This screen makes it easy to monitor the system's performance, ensuring that you always have a clear view of your audio levels, battery life, and other critical information.
  • This feature is especially useful for filmmakers who need to work in various locations and lighting conditions.

SMA Antenna Ports

  • The D2RX receiver comes with SMA antenna ports, which allow you to swap out antennas to fine-tune your frequency or replace them if they get damaged.
  • This feature makes transporting your gear more compact in its case, which is especially useful when working on location.


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